Sixth Form Residential Team Building Trip to East Grinstead

The Year 12 Trekco residential trip is probably the most exciting and enjoyable part of joining our Sixth Form – as  any Year 12 or 13 student will confirm.  

 A key part of becoming a Sixth Former is the ability to work alongside other students as a team to tackle complex and challenging issues.  During the three days with Trekco students  take part in the following activities: problem solving, log walk (high ropes), abseil tower, trapeze jump (high ropes), Jacob’s ladder (high ropes), archery, all-aboard  (high ropes).   Participants concentrate on a number of team building activities and challenges that allow them to realise they are capable of far more than they thought.  There is something for everyone and any reasonable student requests or fears can be facilitated.

Trekco is one of the biggest outdoor activity companies in southern England and concentrates on traditional outdoor activities. Friendly, qualified and experienced instructors provide a great outdoor activity trip, no matter what students' previous experience.

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Trekco 2013 - Student Feedback

Trekco was an incredible experience, doing a range of activities tested my individual skill, as well as my ability to work in a team.  If I could go again..... I would”. 
Harry Wills 12NMA

“The trip was memorable and a brilliant experience where I have had the change to push my self and exceed my limits. I have created many memories with my friends that I will cherish for my life.”
Aimee Murphy 12CCO

‪”I found Trekco really fun.  It was nice to be with friends and try new things.”
Emma Barraclough 12NMA

“Highlights - amazing activities and brilliant time spent with my friends.   Good instructors and light-hearted.   Lowlights - the facilities could have been improved but I guess It was all part of the experience. What it did for me - it was hilarious and a lot of funny situations which will be treasured for a long time”.
George Baxter 12NMA

“The highlights of Trecko were that I spent time with other people who I wouldn't at school and gave me and chance to get to know the newer students more.  Low points were that I compared it to PGL and I felt that the facilities weren't as good.”
Shailed Patel 12NMA

“I thought it was an amazing trip which helped to make new friends within groups and although at first it felt uncomfortable to be with different people, it was good to get to know new people and work in a team with them.  Over all I think it was a brilliant trip with lots of laughs and great activities :)”
Megan Brockwell 12NMA

“Trekco was amazing, brilliant and great fun!  I bonded with so many people who I didn’t really know, especially the new people in our year and even some that I have known since Year 7 but have never talked to.  If I have to some up my experience at Trekco in three words it would be… “TAKE US BACK!”
Shannon Barlow 12NMA

Comments from 12LKE:

“Trekco was a good experience because it challenges you mentally and physically and you learn to work as a team.”

“I really enjoyed working as a team, and I feel more comfortable with the people as I had to live with them for three days, so I don’t feel new anymore.  Loved all the activities and now know so many more people.”

“I got to know and work with people I never would have spoken to, which has helped us become friends.  Also it was satisfying to overcome my fear of heights on the activities. “

“Going to Trekco was a fun and happy experience.  I was able to make friends with people that I wouldn’t socialise with at school.”

“I thought it was an enjoyable experience and it was good to see teachers enjoying themselves.”

“It was good to see people differently, including teachers and a good relaxing start to the year to get focused for the rest.!

“I’m new to the school and Trekco allowed me to mix with people I hadn’t met before.  It was also so much fun and such a laugh.  It was great to work in a team and with the instructors.”

“I really enjoyed Trekco and found that I really pushed and challenged myself.  All the staff were really nice and motivating and I took part in everything.  It was really helpful and you had to work as a team with people you didn’t know which was amazing. “

“I thoroughly enjoyed Trekco because we worked as a team and learnt each other's strengths and weaknesses.”

“Trekco was a good experience as an external student I feel part of the school now, part of a team.”


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