Health Care Plans

When a student’s medical needs are such that they will need significantly different support to the rest of the school population (on either a short or long term basis) a Health Care Plan should be drawn up to identify the level of support that is required.  It will assist staff, parents and the student in clarifying the help that is needed whilst giving staff guidance from the relevant health care professionals.  It will also help the school identify any necessary safety measures to support students with medical needs whilst ensuring that other students are not put at risk.  This plan will be reviewed at the start of each school year or more often if the medical situation demands it. 

The Health Care Plan should be completed by  the student’s GP/Consultant/appropriate health care professional, not the parents. Copies of all completed Health Care Plans are kept securely in the First Aid Room and details entered onto the student database for reference.

The Health Care Plan Form can be downloaded at the top of this page.