Level 2: Misbourne Additional Transition Support

Experience has shown that some students, irrespective of ability, need more focused and varied support to enable them to settle into their new secondary school.  This can be for a variety of reasons and at The Misbourne we aim to use a wide-range of resources and experience to ensure this additional support is implemented effectively.

For Students

Each student will get a further visit in their primary school.  The student will get the opportunity to raise any further concerns and also complete tasks which will help The Misbourne to understand the support they will require when they join us.

Each student will be invited to visit to The Misbourne before the Induction Day.  They will be given a tour of the site and participate in activities to make them feel more comfortable in their new school.   Sixth Form senior students will provide help and reassurance if required during this visit.

In the first Term of year 7, students will have regular meetings to discuss how they are settling in and discuss any concerns they may be experiencing.  Further support and other strategies can be identified in these meetings.

For Parents

Parents are invited to a meeting at The Misbourne and given information on how The Misbourne Additional Transition Support will work and advice on how they can best support their child's transition.  Key transition staff will be available at this meeting.