Level 1: Misbourne Transition

This process runs throughout the school year and is integrated into both Years 6 and 7.  All students will get this support.

For Students

Every student is visited in their primary school by the Head of Year 7 or a member of senior leadership team.  Students are told what to expect on our Induction Days and any concerns they have are discussed.  Primary teachers will be given an information sheet to complete for each student which will be discussed at the visit and any other key issues can be raised.

One Induction Day at The Misbourne.  This day gives students the opportunity to experience taster lessons and to participate in activities with their new form and form tutor.   The day focuses on increasing the students’ confidence so that when the join The Misbourne in September they realise that they already recognise people and areas of the school. 

Sixth Form senior students and prefects are available all day to help and reassure students if required.

There are various provisions put in place for Year 7 students during their first term at The Misbourne.

Extra-Curricular Activities – There are numerous opportunities for students to attend a wide range of activities in a supervised environment which is designed to promote social interaction between students, even those who may be shy or have difficulty in social situations.

A structured programme of activities with their form tutor in form time will help prepare students for each day and get into the routine of secondary school life.

For Parents

Induction Day Parents' Evening  – This is an opportunity for parents to meet their child’s form tutor, and hear presentations by the Head of Year and other key staff giving information and details of key dates.

There is a Parent and Form Tutor Drop-In Evening in early October.