Additional Resourced Provision (ARP) for students with ASD

At The Misbourne we are proud of our Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Additional Resourced Provision (ARP) and it forms an integral part of our school SEND Department and is well supported by all staff at The Misbourne.

Our ARP currently has provision for six students with a diagnosis of ASD and either a Statement or EHCP Plan in place. Other students can visit the ARP.  However, this would usually be at the request of an ARP student or the student may present with additional needs that can only be met within the ARP.  This would be documented and a subsequent request for an ARP placement would possibly be pursued with parents using identified support and recognition of needs.  Additionally, the student may just need additional support for a limited period. 

Any additional student would comply with the ethos of the ARP, which is to provide a structured, considered, peaceful, calm and reassuring environment for those identified students.  Any inability to comply with this request, the student would be encouraged to seek support in other designated SEND areas, library or class based provisions in place for unstructured times.

The Misbourne fully believes in inclusion and each student on roll within the school is expected and indeed actively encouraged, to access the mainstream class room for the majority of their timetable. This allows access to quality first teaching within the class room environment , with any recognised and identified support, strategies and training in place to necessitate this aim. We recognise that this is not always possible but our aim is to strive for this integration, as the highest ideal and we wish to strive for the best for all of our students.

Our ethos in the ARP is to create a calm, happy and structured environment in which the students feel secure, valued and can develop their skills, in a safe and secure setting. We acknowledge that autism is a life-long condition and that the students will face different challenges during their time with us, which we will help them to identify and address.

As well as their academic skills, our major focus is teaching communication and social skills in context, developing their emotional wellbeing and understanding, helping them to deal with stressful situations and develop coping strategies. As well as this, it is important to enable them to understand further the outside world they live in to the best of their ability, social expectations and to therefore be able to live and thrive as independently as possible. Our aim is to help our students construct a foundation which they can build upon in the future. 

The ARP is supported by the SENCO (the specialist teacher), an ARP Co-ordinator and the SEND Team's Teaching Assistants (TAs), as well as the ASD Specialist Speech and Language Therapists during the week. We have access currently to an ASD School Counsellor. We also liaise closely with outside agencies such as Educational Psychologist, OT, Specialist Teaching Service and CAMHS. We recognise the importance of consistency of staffing and approaches used in the ARP and of working closely as a team, to ensure an excellent, positive atmosphere exists and consistency in dealing with challenging anxieties.

No single approach is used in the ARP. We employ a variety of teaching approaches and methods, depending on the identified needs of the student. These can include the SCERTS framework, aspects of TEACCH, PECS, Intensive Interaction and Social Stories. We have regular meetings to discuss consistency in approach, strategies and effective ways to communicate with the students.

The ARP has a broad curriculum including literacy and numeracy or targeted work identified by ARP or teaching staff in all curriculum areas. We also focus on life skills, individual work on SEN Support Plan or Provision Map targets, fine and gross motor skills, art, sensory play, Lego Therapy and PE. Access to the mainstream curriculum classroom provides an important role in modelling appropriate behaviour and social interaction. Individual programmes and targets are based on the Graduated Approach – Assess, Plan, Do, Review and on up to date and ongoing assessment.

We recognise the importance of working in partnership with parents and liaise closely with parents/families/carers via telephone, emails, meetings and reports. Parents are welcome to visit, email or telephone with any concerns/queries.

Inside the Provision we have a main room with access to computers and storage space for personal items. There are also resources which are easily accessible eg: Lego, coloured pencils and paper. The room is light and airy with plenty of space for physical movement. The room is conducive to effective learning with good lighting, pleasant and warm wall colour and comfortable furniture. The room is well insulated, with good acoustics and adequate ventilation. There are three further rooms, one for small group based work, for focused small group sessions or individual work; another smaller room, which is a quiet room with mood lighting and comfortable bean bags and music for relaxing and withdrawing to for calm and secure reassurance when needed; the third room provides storage for equipment and further resources. The calm, low sensory- stimulus environment provides an oasis and creates a therapeutic environment for students, who can often become overwhelmed by their perception of the often confusing world around them.

The ARP facility is available for students to access from 08:00- 15:30 and provides a calm and supportive environment throughout the school day, with structured therapeutic activities provided during unstructured periods of the day.

We look forward to working with you and your child in welcoming them to The Misbourne family.