Design Technology

Key Stage 3

Throughout Key Stage 3, students will focus on working safely whilst developing knowledge and skills using a variety of tools and equipment. Focus will also be on quality finishing of final products to produce successful outcomes.

Year 7 – Block bots and sweet dispenser

The Block bot project is a primary project, designed to build confidence and knowledge of safe and accurate use of equipment. It also encourages independence in making, an element needed to improve grades as students move through the school.

The sweet dispenser is a design and make project using resistant materials to make a product. The product is a simple storage and dispensing device for hard candy, e.g. Smarties / M&M’s. The container consists of a wooden unit with a lever simple mechanism and a reused jam jar to hold the sweets. Students will develop designs for the container to enhance its appearance using recycled materials where possible.

Year 8 – Speaker project

Building and developing knowledge of iterative design, this project focuses on the importance of communication within designing along with designing for specific users. This project also develops skills in using CAD CAM when designing and making, with the use of 2D design and 3D printing to develop skills and creativity within the project. The project will also allow students to widen their knowledge and use of a variety of materials within their final product.

Key Stage 4

GCSE Design Technology Exam Board: AQA

An exciting and creative course which sets out the knowledge, understanding and skills required to undertake the iterative design process of exploring, creating and evaluating. Students must also demonstrate mathematical and scientific knowledge and understanding, in relation to design and technology.

Design Technology skills are integrated into three core topics:

  • Core technical principles
  • Specialist technical principles
  • Designing and making principles

Upon completion of this course, students will be qualified to go on to further study or embark on an apprenticeship or full-time career in design technology industries.

Department Staff

  • Mrs K Cato - Curriculum Leader and Food Preparation and Nutrition Teacher
  • Ms K Shiels - Design Technology, Art and Photography Technician
  • Mr P Bates, Design Technology, Art and Photography Technician

Useful Websites and Resources

AQA Design Technology: