Battle of the Bands

Misbourne students competed in the final of The Battle of The Bands.  Year 11 student, John Akhurst, has written a report on the experience:

On Saturday 3 March the Battle of the Bands final took place in the Old Town Hall in High Wycombe.  Bands from across Bucks auditioned throughout January for the chance to get into the Final and play in front of a panel of professional judges and a large crowd. The Battle of the Bands was open to students of school age who are currently in education and out of all of the bands that auditioned only the top 12 were put through into the final for the chance to win a recording session, get a single released on all major platforms and perform at a major concert.

One of the auditions took place at the Misbourne school. It was an exciting and thrilling experience, as the evening went on each band performed their best song to try and prove that they were worthy of a place at the final. My band, IRUSU, had only been together for around four months by this point and this was our first chance to perform to an audience. We had only just finished writing and perfecting our first song, One More Time, and couldn’t wait to get peoples reaction to it. We were fortunate enough to get through to the final. Another Misbourne student, Tom Mahoney, also got into the final with his band Halvar who some people may recognise as they played a set at the MIzFest in 2017.

The final was a full on day of last minute rehearsals, sound checking, photo shoots and then the actual show itself in the evening. Each of the bands had their own area backstage where they could store their equipment making it feel very well organised. It was a very professional set up as there was a huge tech team working on the lights and sound throughout the evening making sure it looked and sounded amazing. When the show started the atmosphere was insane because when every band walked onto the stage there was a huge cheer from the audience and everyone was very supportive of each other. It was a fantastic experience to get up on stage in front of a large audience. Each of the 12 bands played two songs and gave it their all to try and impress. Then the judges went off to deliberate. They had to choose the best three bands to perform one final song each to see who would be crowned winner. It was very tense for all of the bands waiting in the auditorium however the audience leapt about to a crazy punk folk band called the Lagan.

Unfortunately neither of the bands with students from the Misbourne got through into the top three but nevertheless it was an brilliant experience and personally I can’t wait to compete again next year.

You can check out Halvar on Instagram @halvarband. As well as that IRUSU are also on Instagram @irusuband and for general coverage from the evening and the build-up go and check our @bmt_botb.


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