Misbourne Year 7 visit Silverson Machines


Year 7 students were inspired and motivated to set their sights high during a visit to Silverson Machines in Chesham.    Our careers activity plan had already highlighted that opening up access to the world of work encourages students to explore future goals and so we worked closely with Buckinghamshire Skills Hub to strengthen our careers provision.

The Hub matched us with Silverson, a company that can host workplace visits, exposing students to a wide-range of potential careers.  The company is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high shear mixers used in industries as diverse as food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and petrochemicals has customers in over 150 countries.   Silverson recognises the importance of nurturing potential talent from an early age to sustain future growth.   It has a dedicated, award-winning training centre adjoining its main factory: perfect for student demonstrations.

Our Careers Lead, Mrs Hill worked with Silverson to devise a program that would give students a broad overview of how the company operates as a business, as well as from a more specific STEM industry perspective, introducing them  to a range of employees, from apprentices to senior managers.  The programme was as practical and interactive as possible and provided plenty of advice about which subjects students needed to focus for different roles.

Our students had a very productive, hands on day and they were welcomed from the boardroom to the shop floor.  They learnt about an alternative to university from the short video ‘A day in the life of a Silverson Apprentice’ and had a question and answer session with CEO Harold Rothman, Head of Manufacturing Alan Pepper, Sales Director Matt Smith Silverston’s Accountant.

Our Careers Lead Mrs Hill commented: “It was really important for us to excite our Year 7s about the world of work.  We wanted to bring home just why they should seize all opportunities school offers, to both develop employability skills and to work hard to achieve as the best possible academic results.  The visit to Silverson opened their eyes to so many different futures and has already got them thinking about what they want to be in life. ”

Andy Darby, Apprentice Manager at Siliverson, enthused: “Getting practical experience of what the workplace really looks like is crucial. I encourage all students to think about the different routes into different jobs“.

” I love my job, and I hope all The Misbourne students find one their love too.”
Luisa Clarke, Enterprise Coordinator for Buckinghamshire Skills Hub, added: “It was so rewarding to see the students so inspired, and very satisfying to form such a solid bridge between education and the world of work.”


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