Sixth Form Sales Apprentice Challenge

On Wednesday 25 April, four Misbourne Year 12 students went to Pinewood Studios to compete in the Sales Apprentice Challenge.   This was a competition where teams from different schools gave a presentation on why young people would want to live in Buckinghamshire to a panel of judges.   The competition was organised by the Bucks Skills Hub, supported by local business leaders who wanted to help young people develop their skills and prepare themselves for their work.

The scene was set when the Misbourne team and their teacher, Miss McCarthy took their seats in the John Barry Theatre.  There was a gentle buzz of excitement and nervous anticipation.   Some of them wondered who else has sat in their seat – could it have been Brad Pitt, a Star Wars Storm Trooper or even James Bond himself, Daniel Craig, about to view their latest films?

One by one each competing team was called to present and then await the result.  The teams were judged on their presentation style, content, market research and recognition of young people’s needs.  The Misbourne was the penultimate team to present so they witnessed a range of styles and formed their own opinion of how they thought their rehearsed presentation would be received by the judges.  One of the outstanding qualities of the Misbourne team was their personal presentation; they all wore black and red and significant recognition was given to this theme and the sense of unity.  Each student spoke clearly and confidently and their video made an impact when played at full volume and certainly commanded everyone’s attention.

There could only be one winner, and whilst we don’t know where the Misbourne ranked officially, we suspect they were in the top three due to their professionalism and appearance.  Sir William Ramsay won the competition and recognition was given to them for connecting most closely with young people.  One team chose to role play chatting on phones updating each other about how they liked living in Buckinghamshire and another used two characters’ lives over twenty years – from school, through university, work, marriage, and then family life.

We heard two other speakers, the owner of a media business who provided tips to students about how to achieve their goals and to set them high and a British Para-Olympian eloquently and honestly talked about her personal struggles and how everyone has to find their own way of achieving their goals.

Miss McCarthy said:  “The whole experience proved interesting and challenging. From a teacher’s perspective I enjoy seeing our young people challenge themselves, working together and then stepping into an arena new to them. You feel a sense of pride when students truly push themselves when it would be so much easier to opt out. “


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