Anti-Bullying Ambassador Training

On Thursday 19 April, 11 students from Years 9 and 10, who had been selected by their Heads of Year, took part in a training day at The Mandeville School.  The students spent the day discussing laws, and other issues surrounding bullying.  They networked with students and anti-bullying ambassadors from other schools.   The participants were asked to think about what they could do as ambassadors that would have an impact on their school and they planned initiatives to deal with and prevent bullying. 

The final part of the day saw our ambassadors being presented with a scenario and challenged to find a solution to fix it. They presented their solutions in front of the other schools and showed a lot of confidence in doing so.    The day was a success and finished on a high when Ed Campbell from Year 9 picked up the award for ‘Ambassador of the Day’.


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