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Head of School: Ms A Balchin

Deputy Head of School: Mrs K Lemonius

School Base: Downstairs in the MFL building



Attenborough School is named after Sir David Attenborough.

Since 1954, Sir David has been an inspiration to many generations with his groundbreaking documentaries that have educated thousands of people about the planet’s natural habitats. These documentaries have shone a light on the beauty and wonder of our natural world. More recently, Sir David’s documentaries have highlighted how precious and fragile our planet is. This has undoubtedly had an impact on people’s awareness and therefore their actions in day-to-day life.

Sir David represents many of The Misbourne values; he has shown kindness and respect for our natural world, he demonstrates moral purpose for nature and future generations. Sir David’s drive to educate people is a trait that we want to develop amongst our members.

In Attenborough School, we want to create a fully inclusive school which students are proud to belong to. The school is a safe and welcoming environment so that members feel they can share worries or issues with other school members. Every member of our school will feel valued and each member will want to contribute to the school, whatever their passion or strength may be. 

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