The Misbourne is committed to keeping families up-to-date with students' progress.  We use a number of tools to achieve this, that vary as students progress up the school.  Please access the relevant year group information below to find out how we report on students' progress throughout their school career.

Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9)

Reporting throughout Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9)

In Key Stage 3 (KS3) students’ progress through the curriculum is assessed against a series of key objectives. We call these Curriculum Related Expectations.

Each subject sets a series of objectives for students which relate to the knowledge and skills that are learned through the curriculum that year. This helps families to stay informed about what students are learning in their subjects. We report on students’ progress towards each curriculum objective to give both families and students a clear understanding of strengths and areas for development within each subject.


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about DPR

Video guide to DPR


Teachers report how well students are progressing towards each objective using judgement keys:

Dpr table

Teachers will also report on students’ attitude to learning and their home learning using the criteria below:




Attitude to Learning (ATL) 

I demonstrate an excellent attitude to learning by working hard in my lessons, participating fully and always behaving appropriately. I am always punctual and properly equipped. 

ATL is mostly good but there may be occasional issues in relation to equipment. Any challenges around effort and behaviour are isolated incidents. 

ATL is inconsistent or concerning. Behaviour may be falling below expectation or lower levels of effort may be impacting on your achievement and progress through the curriculum.  

ATL is poor. Behaviour for learning is consistently below expectations meaning that academic progress is seriously jeopardised. Urgent improvements are required. 

The teacher has insufficient information to reach a judgement at this time.

Home Learning 

I engage fully with home learning, always completing it to the best of my ability by the set deadline.       I seek help when needed.  

Home learning is not always submitted on time or not completed to a consistently high standard  

Home learning engagement and completion is a concern, multiple deadlines have been missed impacting on achievement and progress through the curriculum.  

Home learning is rarely completed to an acceptable standard despite support provided by teachers. This is having a significantly negative impact on achievement and progress through the curriculum. 

The teacher has insufficient information to reach a judgement at this time. This may also apply in subjects that do not routinely set homework. 


Families may access live information about their child’s progress through the curriculum at any time by using their child’s login credentials at Our institution number is 52237.

Key Stages 4 and 5 (Years 10 - 13)

In Key Stages 4 and 5 we report to families once per term.

These reports include information about students’ current academic attainment in relation to their expected outcomes (e.g. GCSE or A-Level grades).

The reports also include information about students' attitude to learning and highlights any specific areas of concern.