A high standard of uniform and appearance is expected at all times as our students are representatives of The Misbourne.

If parents or students are uncertain about any aspect of uniform or appearance they are advised to check with their school base.

Through our uniform and dress code we aim to:

  • Encourage pride in the school
  • Encourage a sense of equality and cohesion
  • Support teaching and learning
  • Enable students to be comfortable, safe and secure
  • Ensure all students of differing groups feel welcome
  • Protect students from social pressures to dress in a particular way

Please click on this link to view our uniform policy, which relates to both our school uniform and our PE kit:

The Misbourne Uniform Policy

All students are expected to wear full uniform at all times to and from school and throughout the school day.

If any uniform item is incorrect, students are expected to go to their School Base immediately upon arriving at school and swap their mobile phone (if no phone then another item of value) for the borrowed uniform item.

They will be expected to return the borrowed uniform item in exchange for their mobile phone at the end of the school day. This procedure includes school shoes. If a student is not wearing the correct shoes, they will be expected to borrow shoes or plimsolls in the same way as borrowing any other uniform item.

Our bespoke school uniform items (blazer, school tie) can be ordered from M&S via the following link:
Branded PE kit items should be ordered from our supplier's website:

All other uniform items can be purchased from a wide range of clothing providers, including high street stores and supermarkets.  More details of alternative options are included in the uniform policy.