Student Welfare

At The Misbourne we are committed to the welfare of our students and want to make sure that they are fit, healthy and ready to learn. We work with parents and other health care professionals to support students with medical needs whilst ensuring that other students are not put at any unnecessary risk.

Our Student Welfare Officer assists students who become ill during the school day and deals with emergencies that occur in school. Students with any medical conditions requiring diagnosis should be taken to their GP by their parents. If your son/daughter sustains an injury please ensure they are fit to attend school.

It is the responsibility of parents to provide the school with accurate and up to date information about students’ medical conditions and/or allergies. We ask parents of students with any medical conditions or allergies to ensure that the school is aware of them and informed of any changes as they occur. 

Please do not spread infection!

If you are aware that your son/daughter is unwell and not fit to attend school please keep them at home. Any vomiting or diarrhoea should be given a clear 24 hour period to avoid the spread of viruses. Please contact the Attendance Officer on 01494 867843 or email before 09:00 to advise that your child is unwell and will not be attending school on each day of their illness. 

Contact us

Should you wish to inform us of, or discuss your child’s medical condition, please contact the Student Welfare Officer via your child's school base.