Mis 227

Our Mission, Values and Vision

Our Vision is simple, yet unashamedly ambitious: 

‘To develop world-class students who have the belief in themselves that anything is possible and lead happy and successful lives.’ 



Good examination results go a long way to achieving our vision however, we believe our mission is to achieve much more than that. We want students to flourish academically but also to develop a lifelong love of learning and be fully prepared for adult life. 

We use the ‘Misbourne Way’, Respect, Responsible and Ready as our guiding principles to reward positive behaviour, leadership and community involvement. Students behave well in our school and wider community but where they sometimes fall short of our expectations, we believe in the use of restorative approaches to dealing with the situation and giving students an opportunity to get things right. 

By developing each of the core values that underpin our relationships and expectations, students will leave us with an ethos and attitude that will truly set them apart. 



Ambition and Pride 

Kindness and Respect 

Equality and Moral purpose 

Resilience and Teamwork 


Ambition and Pride 

As soon as students arrive at The Misbourne we will be asking them to think about what they enjoy and what they want to achieve. These could be just small goals in the short term but eventually this will turn into developing real ambition for their future. As those ambitions grow and perhaps change, we will support them to strive for their very best and to take pride in everything they do to help achieve their own personal goals.  

Kindness and Respect 

It does not cost anything to be kind to one another or to show respect. Simple things like saying good morning, please and thank you; holding doors open for others to pass through and looking out for friends and colleagues hold great value in our community. Respecting our environment and each other are equally important and are central to the development of the positive relationships we have between students themselves and how they engage with staff. Students have a strong and growing voice within the school. They learn how to actively listen to others, to respectfully disagree where appropriate and to compromise where necessary.  

Equality and Moral Purpose 

We actively promote British Values and equality. Democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs, race, gender, sexual orientation, ages and disability, are all important parts of our wider curriculum. We live in a culturally diverse society and teach to respect differences and celebrate what makes us unique. Our moral purpose is to believe in the potential of every child and to give them the best possible start in life. We come back to this frequently as leaders and teachers when making decisions about our curriculum and wider school improvement strategies. 

Resilience and Teamwork 

Sometimes things come easy but in order to make real progress, you often have to dig deep, work harder or try something new. Things do not always go to plan; you may fail and either need a change of strategy or try again. Showing resilience and a can-do attitude is the key to success. Looking for solutions, either as an individual or as a team is important to us. Students are rewarded for it and staff work together daily, embracing strengths and differences in the many teams that exist within our school. Good teams need strong and passionate leaders, so we develop leadership at all levels, from student leadership, to professional development opportunities for staff. 

About the school 

Facilities at the academy are excellent. Set on the edge of a beautiful rural village, once home to the world-famous Roald Dahl,  we have a modern building for the Sixth Form, English department, large café and training room; extensive playing fields; new IT suites, refurbished tennis courts and plans for a brand-new sports centre and car park for school and community use, due to commence later this year,