The Misbourne House System

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At The Misbourne we have four Houses:

  • Attenborough
  • Franklin
  • Holmes
  • Turing

Our Houses are named after inspirational figures that symbolise our values of Learning, Kindness and Excellence.

The English broadcaster, writer and naturalist Sir David Attenborough is noted for his inspiring and educational TV programmes, including Planet Earth and Blue Planet. He shows a passion for the biodiversity found on Earth and developed his knowledge by learning about the world we live in today.

Aretha Franklin was an American singer and songwriter with global sales of over 75 million records. Franklin is one of the world's best-selling music artists who promoted kindness and respect through her music.

Dame Kelly Holmes is a retired British athlete who specialised in the 800m and 1500m. She showed her excellence by winning gold in both these events at the Athens 2004 Olympics.  

Alan Turing is an English mathematician and computer scientist who became one of the most significant figures in British history. His code-breaking machine cracked Nazi Germany's Enigma messages during WWII, showing the values of  learning and excellence.


Why do we have a House system?

We value the House system for the following reasons:

  • To create a House community within our whole school community
  • To create a sense of belonging to a group that includes students from across different year groups
  • To enable competitions to take place between the Houses
  • To bring different year groups together
  • To create opportunities to meet new people and share interests
  • To provide opportunities to celebrate success and involvement in the school community


How do students achieve House Points?

House points are achieved in a variety of ways including:

  • Timetabled Curriculum Competitions
  • Student-led House Champion Events
  • Inter-House Events
  • Major Events, for example Sports Day and the Misbourne 5K/10K Trail Run
  • Largest increase in Achievement Points over each half term
  • Highest average attendance over each half term
  • Staff competitions
  • Participating in co-curricular activities

Winning students are celebrated across the school, for example during House assemblies and in the school bulletins.

House points all add up to eventually determine the winning House each July, which receives The Misbourne House Shield.