The Misbourne House System

The House System expanded at The Misbourne in June 2015 with all forms within each year group named after a House.

This was as a direct result of consultation with the Student Voice and staff.  All students at The Misbourne are now a member of one of six Houses:

  • Ascott
  • Chequers
  • Dorneywood
  • Hughenden
  • Mentmore
  • Stowe

The Houses play a significant part in the life of The Misbourne.   There is a programme of events for the forthcoming year involving inter-house competitions where teams from the six houses will compete against each other.  The houses also take part in work for charity, organising fundraising activities such as a cake sales, car washing or sponsored event.  Details of these events and activities will be issued to students during the year.  

Students have been given leadership opportunities within their houses and will be able to make a significant difference to The Misbourne community both internally and externally.  Students develop a sense of commitment to their house and enjoy the friendly rivalry during competitions.  They will be able to identify and integrate with other age groups and feel part of a unit beyond their immediate peer group.