Severe Weather Emergency Closure Procedures

The following guidelines will apply for any severe weather that we may experience

Every effort will be made to keep the school open but the safety of our students, staff and visitors is of paramount importance and there may be exceptional circumstances that make it impossible to open the school safely.

Action in the event of school closure:

  • The Headteacher will make the decision to close the school in consultation with other members of SLT and the Chair of Governors where possible.
  • The school closure will be published on the Bucks County Council website (, this will also trigger announcements on local radio.
  • The information will be added to the school’s own website as soon as is reasonably possible.
  • Where the need for closure is at short notice in response to extreme weather conditions, all staff and parents will receive a text and the school website will be updated with details of the closure as soon as is reasonably possible.

If Severe Weather is Forecast:

Students should come to school with a suitable warm coat, and suitable water and slip proof footwear.  (They may bring a pair of wellies in a plastic bag to wear to and from school).  

If closure occurs during the course of the day:

If you receive a message from your child that the school is closing, please do not take any action before checking the school and BCC websites.   Please try to avoid phoning the school, the switchboard may be very busy and staff may not be able to get messages to individual students.

What the school will do:

  • Where possible, buses will be contacted to pick up students.
  • Normally students will be sent to form rooms with Form Tutors and given the opportunity to contact home to arrange collection from school.  If numbers arriving at school are low alternative arrangements will be made to house Key Stages in the Hall and Cafe whilst arrangements are made for their safe return home.
  • The supervising staff will be sure that appropriate arrangements have been made for the safe homeward journey of all students.   If necessary, the Senior Leadership Team will supervise any remaining students until collection.

What we ask parents to do:

  • Ensure that your child has a travel plan to get home safely – walking, parental pick-up, shared lift, going home with a friend for collection later, public transport (if running).
  • Ensure that your child has a contact number in the event that they need to contact you.
  • Ensure that your child has a key to enter the family home.

It is important that you discuss a contingency plan with your child so that they are aware of your expectations of them.   Once the school is closed, it expected that both staff and students will vacate the premises as quickly as possible.   This will ensure that everyone gets home safely.