Our Cafe

Accent Catering runs our Cafe here at The Misbourne, providing exciting and varied dishes for all our students. 

The Misbourne Cashless Catering

Our Cafe uses a cashless catering system. All students are registered and trained in the use of the system when they join The Misbourne.

What does the system achieve?

It will speed up the service and cut down queues as well as reducing the risk of loss or theft of cash.  It will allow parents greater control to ensure their child spends their money on school lunches, and improves convenience, allowing payment via the Internet.  It will also simplify the administration and delivery of free school meals.

How does biometric recognition work?

To register on the system the student presents their finger to a reader.  The system reads certain key measurements from their finger and converts these into a unique number with over 100 digits.  This number is stored on the system against the student's account.  It is important to note that no image of a fingerprint is stored, only the unique number.  To access their account, either to top up or to make payment for their meal at the till, the student presents their finger to a reader.  Each time a finger is presented the same measurements are taken, converted to a unique number and compared to the number stored on the system.  It is worth repeating that no image of a fingerprint is stored, only key measurements are taken and converted into a unique number.  This number cannot be converted back to any measurements or fingerprint image.

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