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In keeping with our commitment to provide students with outstanding careers guidance and tailored support when choosing their next step after school, students use Unifrog; an award-winning, online careers platform. All students in Years 7 to 13 have access to this excellent website.

Unifrog brings information about all post-school opportunities, including every UK university course and apprenticeship, including degree apprenticeships, into one place. This makes it easy for students to compare and choose the best opportunity for them. 

This video provides an introduction to the Unifrog Careers platform.

The Careers Library contains up-to-date labour market information for over 1300 different careers, with details about the required skills and qualifications for each one. 

The Subjects Library gives advice about what qualifications you will need to study a subject at university.


Additionally, the platform helps students successfully apply for these opportunities by using Unifrog to write their applications, such as personal statements and CVs, and guiding them through the process, allowing teachers to give live feedback. 

Students can record their key skills and achievements, and build up an impressive portfolio over time.

Students access the platform by clicking a link in their welcome email, where they create a password and can begin using the platform. They login to Unifrog using their school email address and password and they can do so from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

We encourage families to use the platform with your child so you can support them through the process of deciding their next step.  Families are able set up an account, allowing you to truly support your child.  If you would like access - please email and we will senet you a code.

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