The Misbourne offers Politics at A Level (Key Stage 5) It's a fascinating course that complements a variety of other subjects like history, philosophy, sociology and economics.

Key Stage 5

Politics is the study of how Britain is governed and the distribution of power between the Executive and Parliament. Students will gain a deeper understanding of how our laws are made and how the country is run by parliament and the Prime Minister. Students will learn about the foundations of our political system and the ideologies that we base our political thought on. They will also investigate the role of the media and the complex relationship with have with other organisations like the EU. Students will progress beyond the UK and study global politics to give them an in depth view of how our world balances power and deals with key issues like international development.

Students will study:

  • UK politics
  • Core political ideas
  • UK government
  • Global politics

Department Staff

Miss Loxley
Miss Bartington

Useful websites and resources

It's vital that students keep up to date with current affairs and news stories, we recommend that students watch or read as many of the following:

  • Pick up a newspaper – select a broadsheet as these are more academic e.g. The Times, The Telegraph or The Guardian, The Financial Times is also very good.
  • Listen to the news via the Radio – Radio 4’s Today Programme, airs every morning
  • Watch news programmes – Channel 4 news at 7pm each day is excellent,  Question Time on the BBC, Newsnight on BBC 2, Sunday Politics on BBC
  • Podcasts – see what’s available and get stuck into a series