Sociology is the ‘study of society’ and it is a very popular A Level at The Misbourne. The term ‘society’ refers to the world around you, your community, your country, and all the different people and groups that exist, with their different cultures, beliefs, values, languages, religions etc.

It gives students the chance to study and understand why things are the way they are, and why people behave in certain ways.

Examples of issues that students look at include:

  • Why do some people commit crime?
  • Why do girls do much better at school than boys?
  • Why are we seeing an increase in divorce and a decrease in people getting married?
  • Why is there so much inequality and poverty in the country?

Sociology gives students with an interest in social issues, social justice and current affairs the opportunity to gain a valuable understanding and insight into how society works and how the structures and processes in society, inevitably shape who we are, how we behave and many other aspects of our lives and life chances. Students develop an understanding of how individuals, groups, institutions and societies are interdependent; the way in which they cooperate and conflict with each other, and the potential causes for the social differences between individuals. Students are encouraged to think critically and analytically, and to make informed judgements and arguments based on evidence and theories. Students are asked to reflect on their own experiences of the world in which they live and to develop an increased awareness and understanding of the world they live in and role they play in it.

Key Stage 5

A Level Sociology:  (EXAM BOARD: AQA)

At A Level, students follow the AQA syllabus which offers them the opportunity to study a range of topics and issues within sociology. It provides students with a strong base of sociological knowledge, which they can then develop further at degree level if they chose to study sociology at university.

The papers that students will be sitting include:

Paper 1 - Education with Theory and Methods Paper 2 - Topics in Sociology (Families and Households, Stratification and Differentiation) Paper 3 - Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods

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Mr M Worth 
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