Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural (SMSC) Education

In every lesson, every day, every week and every term students are exposed to countless opportunities for SMSC development and we see this as an integral part of each student’s experience in order to develop well-rounded, active citizens, ready for the world they are soon to enter.

At The Misbourne, we have a duty to promote the spiritual moral, social and cultural development of our students. A vital part of the work we do includes helping our students to develop an appreciation of, and a respect for, their own and others’ beliefs, culture and identity. When students feel secure about their own beliefs, culture and identity they are less likely to feel threatened by difference and less likely to mistrust or fear others. Skills of empathy and understanding are crucial to lifelong learning and the holistic development of our students.

Whole School:

Personal Development lessons support the development of the knowledge, skills and understanding students need to lead confident, healthy, independent lives and to become informed, active, and responsible citizens. Students learn about the value of civic participation through the study of democratic institutions and the legal system as well as developing a critical understanding of life in 21st Century Britain and the importance of tolerance and mutual respect to a harmonious society. Students are encouraged to consider views and ideas outside of their usual experiences, to ask respectful and provocative questions to better understand the actions and beliefs of others, as well as supporting the independent development of their own ideas and beliefs.

Students have opportunities to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular clubs.

Tutor Time:

Through debates and discussions on local, national and international matters.


Key messages are promoted and discussed with whole year groups through our “Thought for the Week”. Recent assemblies included a gap year organisation encouraging volunteering in developing countries, a local animal welfare centre promoting the benefits of volunteering, and the National Citizen Service programme that develops the ability of young people to make an active contribution to their community.

Visiting Speakers:

We are regularly joined by visitors who work with students in assemblies and subject lessons. Recent visitors have included Baroness Pidding, Stand Up: Action Against Discrimination, BOSCH, World Challenge, National Citizen Service, Thames Valley Police, Young Enterprise and various universities. We collaborate on a regular basis with the Speakers 4 Schools charity with recent talks from Rishi Saha (Amazon), Chris Goldson (ITV) and David Dein (Arsenal FC).

Student Parliament:

Becoming an active member of our community, contribute to decision making and school improvement, being role models within the school and leading on whole school charity fundraising. The school parliament is split into four sections; charity, equality, behaviour for learning and environment. Students who participate will be focusing on one of the 4 areas and will effect change in that area. Some examples of recent student success are; getting new recycling bins in the cafe, changing the menu to include more of a variety of food on offer in the canteen, supporting the Great Missenden Village Association in a litter pick across two days, raising over £1500 for a variety of charities and making the school environment more appreciative of student work by ensure that there is a variety of work from subject areas on display.

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