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Developing a Lifelong Love for the Learning of Literature and Language

Our curriculum across all key stages is intended to develop world-class students through the power of knowledge that can too often be hidden from view and in doing so help to make the implicit, explicit.

We want students to understand that behind every text ever written there is writer intent so that our students develop a critical eye and do not blindly accept things. 

As a result of learning in our curriculum area, students will be creative, articulate, imaginative learners who are confident and secure in their opinions and thoughts.  We want our students to be adaptable, flexible communicators in spoken and written word and not to be afraid to challenge complex ideas and material.  

We want students to have access to a wide range of texts where they can explore universal themes/ideas that transcend the boundaries of time, such as: gender, class divide, power, and inequality.

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Key Stage 3

Years 7 and 8 follow a mastery curriculum based on the premise of embedding core skills to develop a solid base for KS4 learning. They study a range of texts encompassing poetry, prose and plays that clearly link to GCSE examination skills/questions. For example, Year 7 study a range of modules such as: Introduction to Academic Writing, Dystopian Writing, "A Boy in Striped Pyjamas". Year 8 modules include: Gothic Fiction, “The Tempest” and Identity poetry, amongst others. Students will be assessed using GCSE style questions from Paper 1 and Paper 2. 

Key Stage 4

Students study the AQA English Language and English Literature specifications. In Year 9, we continue to develop their skills through the teaching of the following texts: "Media Messages", “Romeo and Juliet”  and  “An Inspector Calls”, (the latter text being used as a stimulus for their GCSE Spoken Language Presentation in the summer term.) 

Over the two years in Year 10 and 11, students will study not only their set texts, (“Macbeth”, “DNA” and “A Christmas Carol”), but also unseen texts in preparation for English Language Paper 1 and Paper 2. Students will also practice their writing skills for the specific purpose of “writing to describe” and “writing to argue”. 

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Key Stage 5

We offer the following popular subjects: English Literature – AQA, English Language – Edexcel, Media - OCR 

English Literature: AQA Board – the core units are “Love through the Ages” and “Modern Texts” where students will study Othello, Pre 20th Century Love Poetry, The Great Gatsby, A Streetcar Named Desire, The Help, and a collection of poetry by Sylvia Plath.  The NEA unit allows students to choose two texts of their choice to compare on a chosen theme. 

English Language: Edexcel Board – core units include “Child Language Acquisition”, “Language and Gender”, “Language and Power”, and “Language Variation”. The NEA unit is centred about being creative in writing, with students producing two pieces in a genre of their choice followed with an evaluative commentary. 

Media: OCR Board – core topics include: “Media Messages”: Exploring “News” in Print and Media Language and Representation – including analysis of Gender in the Media and Music videos. As well as “Evolving Media”: Media Industries and Audiences – focusing on The BBC Radio One Breakfast Show, Minecraft, and both versions of The Jungle Book. You will also study Television Drama and a NEA: Music Video and Online – creation of a 3 minute music video and a working website. 

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Department Staff:

Katherine Kalyan – Curriculum Leader 

Gina Kirkham – Assistant Curriculum Leader i/c KS4 

Alicia Balchin 

Camilla Bell

Lewis Culverhouse 

Abigail Groves

Laurence Mepham

Caroline Weller 

Damian West 

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