Studying Media at A Level provides students with an opportunity to explore new and relevant texts by questioning and challenging the world around them today. Studying thought-provoking concepts such as representation, institutions, language and audience enables students to understand just how media can influence and control the opinions of the masses and shapes perception of the world. Without media, we would have only the limited knowledge of our own experiences. A key question for media students is: "To what extent can we trust these representations that dominate our daily lives?"

Students will have their confidence encouraged and their complacency challenged in order to maximise potential and debate We believe in building resilience, independence but also creativity in both responding to and producing a text.

Key Stage 5

We offer A Level Media - OCR 

Media: OCR Board – core topics include: “Media Messages”: Exploring “News” in Print and Media Language and Representation – including analysis of Gender in the Media and Music videos. As well as “Evolving Media”: Media Industries and Audiences – focusing on The BBC Radio One Breakfast Show, Minecraft, and both versions of The Jungle Book. You will also study Television Drama and a NEA: Music Video and Online – creation of a 3 minute music video and a working website. 

Department Staff

  • Mrs Kalyan
  • Mr Culverhouse
  • Miss Rowe