Modern Foreign Language

Here at The Misbourne we are passionate about languages and the opportunities they can provide us in our futures.

In the MFL Department we operate under the ethos; ‘Not all classrooms have four walls’. This vision is something we want our students to appreciate every time they have a French or Spanish lesson; the world is there to be discovered and their ability to speak a language can bring them the opportunities of a lifetime. At The Misbourne, we offer French to A-level and Spanish to GCSE and our lessons heighten our students’ cultural awareness with rich content, engaging activities and culturally authentic material.

Key Stage 3

Throughout Year 7 and 8, students learn topical vocabulary with basic structures and tenses, which is delivered through rich and authentic material such as films, songs, literature and poems. The use of ICT is also of key importance in our department both for research tasks, and for developing grammatical skills through various technology platforms that we use.

The teaching and learning of MFL regularly make links to other areas of the School Curriculum such as English, geography, mathematics, food technology and personal development.

The topics that students study per year is as follows:

Year 7:

  • Classroom language, personal information, physical appearance
  • Nationalities and the wider world
  • Personality, family relationship and school subjects
  • Food and international cooking projects
  • Local area
  • Free time (hobbies and what you do in your free time)

Year 8:

  • Lifestyle, clothes and fashion shows
  • Holidays and dream destinations.
  • Sport, leisure and health
  • Daily life and issues in Francophone/ Hispanic countries
  •  International festivals and holidays
  • Independent Research Projects

Key Stage 4

French AQA GCSE 8658

Spanish AQA GCSE 8698

Units Covered:

Theme 1: Identity and Culture

  • Family and friends
  • Technology in everyday life
  • Free time- TV/Music/ Eating out
  • Customs and Festivals in the French/ Spanish speaking world

Theme 2: Local, national and global areas of interest

  • My town and home
  • Social issues and trends
  • Global issues and solutions
  • Holidays and tourism

Theme 3: Current and future study and employment

  • School and University
  • Jobs and future careers

We offer a GCSE qualification in French and Spanish, which help students to develop their language skills in a variety of contexts, with a broad understanding of the culture of countries, and communities where the language is spoken. A GCSE in MFL encourages enjoyment of language learning and the recognition that language skills enable us to take our place in a multi-lingual, global society.  Students are also able to study both French and Spanish at the same time at GCSE should they decide to do so.

Our students continuously work on improving listening, reading, speaking and writing skills, Students will be formally assessed in all four skills in a GCSE style at the end of each term during MFL Exam Week. They will be assessed on the previous two units of learning and will have an exam on each of the 4 skills divided equally across the units.

This four-skilled specification requires students to develop their ability to read, listen, write and speak confidently in the foreign language. A GCSE in MFL also counts towards the English Baccalaureate.

The GSCE has a Foundation Tier (grades 1–5) and a Higher Tier (grades 4–9). Students must take all four question papers at the same tier.

Key Stage 5

A Level/A Level Equivalent French      AQA GCE 7652                             

AS/A level     French AQA GCE 7652                                  

Units Covered:

Not only is the course extremely interesting, rich and engaging, it is also an incredibly useful A level in terms of employability. Having an A level language qualification on a CV shows any employer great commitment and an impressive level of ability.

At university level, there are many courses in the UK where you can study a Single Honours degree in French. The majority of these courses involve a year studying in France or another French-speaking country, which is a fantastic opportunity both for educational and personal reasons.

Likewise there are many courses where you can take a language in addition to another subject such as Law or a second and sometimes even a third language such as Spanish and German.

Course outline:

This qualification is linear and all examinations will take place at the end of year 13.  However, students will be regularly assessed in class and will complete formal internal examinations in Year 12.

Core content

  • Social issues and trends
  • Political and artistic culture
  • Grammar

A-level students will get the opportunity to study either one literary text and one film or two texts.

Department Staff

Ms C Krieger- Curriculum Leader MFL

Ms H Spargo

Mrs K Thathapudi 

Useful Websites and Resources

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