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Year 13 Exam Results 2021

Posted on: 10 Aug 2021

We are pleased to share our 2021 A-Level results which demonstrate a continuing trend of improvement at The Misbourne. This has been yet another challenging year for students with teacher assessed grades replacing those based on final exams, however this particular group of students secured some of the schools best ever results at GCSE in 2019. It is therefore no surprise to us that a group of such strong academic calibre and real potential would do so well, despite the challenges they faced.

Headline Figures

37% of A Level entries achieved A/A*, 56% were A*-B and 78% at A*-C, are all improvements on last year. The average A Level grade awarded was a B-, slightly up from a C in 2019. Although we have far fewer entries, students have continued to perform extremely well in our vocational subjects. The average grade for those taking Applied General Qualifications was a Distinction and Distinction* for those taking Tech Level qualifications. These are both relatively consistent with performance from groups over the past 3 years.

Destinations for this incredible group of students really do reach far and wide. We have a large number heading off to some of the top universities in the country including the following group who achieved straight A’s or equivalent:

  • Carla Galvin D*D*A – Initially taking a gap year as a ski coach in Canada, then aiming to complete a Sports Coaching degree at Chichester University
  • Maddie Garvie - going to Leeds University to study English Literature with Creative Writing after achieving A* A* and A
  • Lily Choudhry A*AA and going on to study Geography at Bristol University with a year studying abroad
  • Alice Ford A*AA – is going to Leeds University to study Psychology
  • Angel Liles A*AA – Birmingham University to study Criminology
  • Amelia Parkin A*AA – is going to Bristol University to complete a 4 year degree in Sociology with a year studying abroad
  • Jennifer Stacey A*AA – is going to Exeter University to study Mathematics
  • Isobel Parker-Graham D*AA – is going to Birmingham University to study Politics and International Relations including a year abroad
  • Darcie Panayiotou is going to Loughborough University to study Media and Communication after achieving A* A and Distinction*
  • Caitlyn Malcolmson who achieved AAA who is taking a gap year to work ahead of applying to university.


In addition to higher grades in their core Level 3 qualifications, the students below also achieved higher level grades in their voluntary Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). This has given each of them additional valuable points to help secure a place at their chosen universities:

  • Charis Richardson A*A*A (Ext Project A*) - Uni of West of England: Paramedic Science
  • Archie Binding – Exeter University to study Business and Management with Industrial Experience* A* A (Extended Project B)
  • Ted Draycott A*A*B (Ext Project A) - Arts Uni Bournemouth: Film Production
  • Luci Collet-Fenson AAB (Ext Project A) - gap year in Canada as a ski coach then aiming to study Geography at University



Our overall Value Added score for A Level is 1.32 (unvalidated) with 60/70 students making better than expected progress from Key Stage 4.

The following students made exceptional progress, each achieving 2 or 3 grades above expectation in each of the subjects they studied that are included in the value added calculation.

Maddie Garvie, Caitlyn Malcolmson, Jennifer May, Angel Liles, Amelia Parkin, Jennifer Stacey, Isobel Parker-Graham, Charlie West, Mia Bowler-Curtis.

A further 20 students made progress equivalent to 1 grade higher than expected in each of their subjects. Credit should go to every one of them for the hard work they put in to achieve this.


Popular destinations this year include University of Bristol (4 students, studying Sociology, Geography and Management), Oxford Brookes University (4, studying Marketing, Music, Business and Quantity Surveying), University of Exeter (3, studying Exercise and Sport Science, Mathematics, and Business and Management), University of Birmingham (3, studying Politics and International Relations, Criminology and Philosophy), Buckinghamshire New University (3, studying Artificial Intelligence, Law and Sociology), Loughborough University (3, studying Sport Management, Mathematics and Media & Communication) and University of Leeds (2, studying English Literature and Psychology).

In total almost 60% of university applicants got into their first-choice university. This compares to 45% in 2020.

Of all of our students applying to university, 37% held offers from the most competitive universities, compared to 30% from last year and is the highest figure for six years.

Once again, although a much smaller number this year than in the past two years, we have students who have also been successful in gaining higher level apprenticeships including:

  • James West will be starting a Masters degree apprenticeship in accountancy at one of the top accountancy firms Ernst & Young and Paige Cawthorne will be going to another large accountancy firm, Grant Thornton to complete a degree apprenticeship.
  • Charlie West D*AA – currently seeking an apprenticeship in Marketing or Business.

Some other students have been successful in going straight into the world of work such as Fabio Picciano and Alex Garratt following in the footsteps of a number of Misbourne alumni, joining the IT solutions and services company, Softcat. Jennifer May, a student who achieved an incredible A* A* A in her A Levels is going on to fulfil her ambition of becoming a Pastry Chef by starting a Level 3 NVQ in Patisserie and Confectionary at Lakefield Catering College.

Overview Data:

Total going to university = 73%

Total going into apprenticeship/employment = 21%

Total gap year = 3%

Total further education = 3%

Total NEET = 0%

Special achievements:

This year we also celebrate the special achievement of a Year 14 student who fell ill just before taking her GCSE’s three years ago and spent most of her Sixth Form in hospital. She gained a double distinction in her CTEC Sport and an A for her EPQ last year, and now has an A Level in Philosophy to add to her incredible success. She has shown such determination and spoke of the support she got from school helping her through her treatment and giving her goals to work towards that were not medically related.

So many students have done incredibly well this year and achieved their personal goals, despite the many challenges they have had to face. We had a number of students in particular who struggled with mental health during what has been an incredibly turbulent 18 months for them. With the outstanding support they received from staff, they are now able to take their next step forward as they leave us with a renewed sense of confidence and pride in their achievements which has been so wonderful to see today.

We hope that they all stay in touch with the school through our LinkedIn Alumni account and look forward to hearing about all of their future successes and achievements. We are so proud of everything they have achieved.

Special thanks must go to all of the staff at The Misbourne. Each and every one of whom has gone above and beyond to support our students to achieve their very best, whilst balancing all of the other challenges this past 18 months has thrown at us. They are an incredible team and I am so very proud of them.


Jo Meloni