Year 9 Families

This section is dedicated to the families of our Year 9 students and incorporates relevant information regarding this particular year group.

Head of Year

Mr J Baxter

Curriculum Support Key Stage 4

Mrs A Lightfoot  

Year 9  Form Tutors

9GCL/A - Mrs G Clarke
9JWT/C - Ms J Whitfield
9DMG/D - Mr D McGregor
9CKR/H -  Ms C Krieger
9JDV/M - Ms J Davis
9GIN/S - Mr G Ingram

Consultation evening website

A reminder of how to use the electronic booking system will be sent home before each parents' evening to enable appointments to be booked.

For further information about the subjects studied by this year group please visit the Curriculum Pages on this website.


Page Downloads Date  
Guided Choices Prospectus 2019 06th Dec 2019 Download