The Library

The library is open Monday – Thursday 8.15am – 4.15pm and Friday – 8.15am – 3.45pm

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Student Librarian Team

Our Librarian, is supported by a wonderful team of student librarians who work really hard at break and lunch to keep the library functioning smoothly. We take on new librarians every September (Year 8, 9, 10, 11 and Sixth Form) and induct Year 7 librarians in the December, after they have settled into life at The Misbourne. If you would like to apply, please see Miss White for an application form.

All librarians will be invited to attend team meetings and training updates in September, December, April and July. During this time you will learn transferrable skills which can be used on a CV, University and apprenticeship applications, or as the volunteering portion of your DofE evidence. Tasks such as tidying books, making displays, running clubs and events, arranging projects and updating our social media make this an interesting and worthwhile role.

Our current student librarian team is:

  • Year 11: Alfie Stafford, Varya Luginina, Lewys Medford
  • Year 10: Ella Bowen, Hannah Eades, Elise Price
  • Year 9: Georgie Dowcra, Lizzie Gorham
  • Year 8: Michael Abrams, Joni-Mae Bird, Rebecca Sewell, Lucy McKechnie


During break, lunchtimes and after school, we run clubs in the library.  If you would like to start one, just let the librarian know.

Current clubs are as follows:

  • Paper Crafts: a crafty way to relax during the busy day. We cover colouring, origami, card-making and party decorations.
  • Creative Writing: we share creative writing prompts and tips, but feel free to bring anything you are currently working on. You can share work on the creative writing board or keep it to yourself—we are happy as long as you are writing.
  • No Novel Reading Club: We read anything and everything, but no novels are allowed. From scripts to lyrics, we encounter language and creativity in plenty of other forms, but rarely appreciate them. Discuss!
  • Lego Teams: Teams of 3 work together in the roles of architect, supplier and builder to construct a model.
  • Board Games: We have lots of word games and team tasks for your entertainment. 
  • Chess Club: run by our resident chess guru, Alfie Stafford.  
  • Homework Club: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 3.10-4.10pm
  • The Study Space: An invite only space for students who have been recommended by Tutors and Heads of Year.

Facilities and Resources

The librarian and the student librarians are always on hand to help out with finding titles, collating resources and supporting IT needs. We have over 5000 books for different reading levels and interests.

We always try to keep up with curriculum and trends in both fiction and non-fiction and often take recommendations from our students:  if we don’t have something in stock, just ask and we will see what we can do.  Students can borrow up to two books at a time for two-week loan.

The library has 20 desktop computers, 10 laptops, a 100” projector and screen.  As we have regular library lessons across all year groups and curriculum areas, the students now have the facilities to enhance their group work and individual study time.

Connections with Local Libraries

We are an advocate of the Bucks Library Service and we implore you to sign up at your local library. Our nearest local library is just a short walk away in Great Missenden. Here you can download e-books and magazines, have access to research resources or just pop in to peruse the physical books. Follow the link to find out more plus it is all free! If you sign up and find that we don’t have what you want in our school library, the local library can order it in for you.

Reading Time

Reading takes place during form time every week for 20 minutes. Just 20 minutes of reading a day enhances your life-chances dramatically. Those pupils who read more have greater employability rates, increased access to vital services and, research has found, are happier in life. Students are always encouraged to have a reading book at all times.

Study Skills Sessions

Study skills are a huge part of our student life at the Misbourne; but they are also vital for the world beyond school.  Study techniques are covered in individual subject areas, but are specifically addressed throughout the Personal Development curriculum.

If you need advice on how study or research see the librarian for activities covering the following areas:

  • Year 7: Taking notes, skim reading, plagiarism, paraphrasing
  • Year 8: Identifying a good source, researching and organisation (pencil case/folders/planner)
  • Year 9: Strengths and areas for improvement, making a timetable and revision techniques
  • Year 10: Writing and Reading tips for any subject, stress
  • Year 11: Planning in an exam, timings, revision techniques


Controlling procrastination

The perfect study space

The internet restriction apps that boost productivity

Eight ways to remember anything

Taking useful notes

Revision planner

Effective revision breaks

Coping with test anxiety


We always want to improve the library service, so any donations of old books or book vouchers will be greatly received.

We wish you many hours of happy reading!