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The Misbourne Way

Behaviour for Learning

Impeccable behaviour is fundamental to success in the classroom and the school; success for both students and teachers.

Behaviour for Learning is, as it suggests, behaviour that allows for and encourages learning to take place. High standards of behaviour needs to be taught, modelled and rewarded. Achievement points  form a key aspect of procedures used within The Misbourne.

Achievement points are issued for a variety of reasons and students will receive points from their Form Tutor, their Head of School, the Assistant Headteacher Pastoral, the Deputy Headteacher and our Headteacher as they gain an increasing number of points throughout the year.

Poor or unacceptable behaviour will carry a consequence (behaviour points). Behaviour for Learning needs to be reinforced, reviewed and supported by home life and families. Above all, positive relationships with students are the key to positive behaviour.

Students learn best in an ordered environment. This can be achieved when expectations of learning and behaviour are high and their consequences are made explicit and applied consistently. The self-esteem of all members of our learning community is enhanced by praise, reward and celebration and this is a priority for the school.

All members of the school community should be Ready, Respectful and Responsible; the importance of clear and consistent classroom routines which are always adhered to and a culture of rewards for success.

Students' Responsibilities

Students’ responsibilities are to follow the expectations set out in The Misbourne Way. 

The Misbourne Way

Our expectations are that we are all Ready, Respectful and Responsible so that all have an opportunity to flourish and succeed.

Ready to Learn 

We arrive at school on time. We arrive to lessons on time, waiting in an orderly manner to enter the classroom. We wear our uniform correctly when arriving at school, during the school day and leaving school. We remove outdoor clothing in lessons. We keep mobile phones and headphones out of sight unless directed by a teacher as part of our learning. We have the correct equipment at all times and for all lessons. We always focus on our learning. We listen attentively when the teacher is talking, including in assembly, never interrupting.

Respectful of Everyone

We show respect to staff and each other, using positive and courteous language, never swearing. We follow instructions at the first time of asking. We show gratitude by saying please and thank you. We respect all school equipment. We respect our school environment. We queue in an orderly manner in the Café, clearing our litter and placing chairs under the table when finished.

Responsible in your Behaviour 

We behave in a manner that does not endanger the health, safety or wellbeing of ourselves or others. We care for each other and always raise any concerns to a member of staff. We walk calmly and safely on our way to and from lessons, keeping to the left in corridors and on stairs, and with the minimum of noise. We only eat in designated areas. We always place litter in a bin.

Families' Responsibilities

Families  have responsibilities as role models for our young people and they have an essential part to play in relation to the school’s ‘Behaviour for Learning’ ethos. The procedures should not be seen in isolation from the family's role as being primarily and principally responsible for their child’s education. When accepting a place at The Misbourne and signing the admissions form, families are agreeing to these procedures and our ethos.

Families’ responsibilities are to:

  • Support the Behaviour for Learning Policy
  • Support the school’s reward and consequence procedure system
  • Share concerns about their child’s education, welfare and behaviour with the school
  • Take an interest in their child’s work and achievements
  • Support their child with their work and homework
  • Ensure their child completes all homework to the high standard expected
  • Attend all Consultation Evenings and support school functions/events
  • Support the school in achieving a maximum attendance rate for their child with a minimum of 96% attendance.
  • Inform the school of any absence in accordance with guidance
  • Ensure their child arrives at school on time
  • Ensure their child is in full school uniform and wears that uniform correctly, including on the way to and from school until the uniform is taken off (the student represents the school throughout the time they are wearing our uniform)

If students do not follow The Misbourne Way, they will be issued with consequences such as a Wednesday after school detention (15:15 - 15:45), a Thursday SLT after school detention (15:15 - 16:15) and other consequences such as a Late Detention for punctuality issues. All students are expected to attend these detentions when they are issued, with families making alternative arrangements to collect their child at the correct time.

Mobile phones should not be seen or used between 08:40 - 15:10 (unless directed by a member of staff for learning uses only). If this rule is not followed, the school will confiscate the phone and it may be confiscated for up to a full week (including a weekend).

If you require any further information, please email your child's school base.