Enrichment Programme

Our vision for all Misbourne students is that they leave us at 18 with the qualifications, skills and confidence to stand shoulder to shoulder with anyone in the workplace and beyond. We are forward thinking and outward looking as we strive to develop a world class education for our Sixth Formers.

We are proud of all our students who never cease to amaze us with the kind of endless enthusiasm, creativity and ‘can-do’ attitude that makes The Misbourne such an enjoyable place to learn and work.

We provide an excellent education for our students, who are inspired and nurtured to acquire the knowledge and skills to think critically and creatively.

High quality teaching is the most important factor in helping our Sixth Form achieve their full potential.  At The Misbourne, teachers keep up-to-date with the latest developments in research to ensure that lessons are planned expertly and focused on moving students forward.  We invest heavily in professional development to enable staff to continually improve their practice and give students the best possible learning experiences.

The curriculum at The Misbourne is tailored to the needs of our students.  We have 30 subjects to choose from, 22 A Level subjects and eight vocational subjects.  Students can choose to study all A Levels, all vocational subjects or a combination of either.  It is about whatever suits their interests and talents best, so that they can successfully go on to further study, training or employment of their choice.

New for September 2021, we are launching our unique LEAP Award, which has been designed to highlight to universities and prospective employers the many additional activities that all of our Sixth Formers undertake throughout their time here beyond their academic studies.

These accomplishments fall into four categories:

  • Leading Change
  • Enriching Others
  • Additional Qualification
  • Preparing for your Future

Some of the additional activities our Sixth Formers have the opportunity to participate in include:

Trekco: In the Autumn term, all Year 12 students attend an outward bound residential trip to Trekco. This experience enables the year group to bond and support each other. Students learn problem solving skills, team working skills and it gives them a flavour of independence. This has been hugely successful with our students and staff as it allows external students the opportunity to make friends and the form tutors to learn new things about their tutees.

Safe Drive/Stay Alive: All Year 12 students attend and experience a production run by Thames Valley Police highlighting the dangers they may face on today’s roads, as well as the ways they can stay safe whilst driving and as a passenger. They receive a follow up assembly on this topic 6 months later.

Community Service: As a school we have high expectations that all our Sixth Form students to support their school community and the communities they live in. There are a number of ways people can get involved and help younger students, vulnerable students as well as the staff in the school, including:

  • Paired Reading
  • Adopt a teacher
  • Mentoring
  • Supporting as guides during open mornings and open evenings
  • All manner of school events

Students collect session signatures and claim rewards for their work at different stages of support. Certificates will also be awarded to each student who gives up their time to help develop their community.

Student Parliament: Students in the Sixth Form are also leading members of the Student Parliament and meet weekly to discuss the concerns of their peers. Members of the Sixth Form have been selected to go to a local Model UN conference. Student leaders work with the member of staff leading the student council to better support their peers and gain valuable experience within this role.

Student Leadership: The school has a number of Year 12 and 13 student leaders linked to different curriculum areas as well as individual year groups. The student leaders are led by the senior student team consisting of the Head Boy, the Head Girl and four deputies. Students can earn accreditation for their leadership roles.

Elevate Education: Taking useful notes and the ability to consolidate information are key skills to success at Sixth Form. With this in mind, the school provides two annual sessions for all Year 12 students in which young and inspirational Elevate Education speakers runs session throughout the day to support our Sixth Formers in approaching their studies appropriately plus time management skills.

Assemblies: Sixth Form assemblies are delivered by a wide range of students, staff and outside speakers. They cover a variety of topics and give students insights into wider issues relating to them and the world they live in. They are a key part of delivering relevant SMSC topics in addition to what’s delivered through schemes of work around the school.

Guest Speakers: We have a number of guest speakers/organisations who come into the school to speak to our Sixth Form. We have devised a programme of speakers where people have been selected to deliver informative and interesting sessions. In 2015 these will take place in a special Year 12 enrichment day. These include:

  • Prevent – An anti-terrorism organisation
  • Add action – Drug awareness
  • PCT Nurse – Opportunities to discuss health concerns
  • Finance – University finance information

University Visitors: Both existing university students and graduates come into school to share their university experiences with our students, covering every aspect including student finance, personal statements and open days. Our university speakers offer our students an insight into the courses they themselves studied and the reasons why. They also talk about what the courses entail/entailed as well as the extra-curricular opportunities available to students, including a wide range of sporting and cultural societies which can help shape and develop young people.

Sports Leaders: A number of our Sixth Form students support our P.E. department in delivering sports experiences to primary school students; this enables our Sixth Formers to gain confidence in working with others and helps them develop skills in leading sessions and delivering the relevant knowledge and skills to others.

In addition to this and as part of our Elective Enrichment initiative, students in Year 12 can opt to participate in sporting activities every Wednesday P5 and Year 13 can join them if not in lessons. Students have the opportunity to work with the P.E staff to cater a course that meets their needs and can even lead exercise classes if desired.

Buckinghamshire New University visit: We run a trip to Buckinghamshire New University in order to give our students a taste of university life and introduce them to the types of courses they may be interested in studying including subject-specific sessions. This provides a baseline open day experience at our local partnership provider to whom we sent the highest number of graduates out of all our destinations, and students are encouraged to attend and compare this to other universities in which they are interested.

Supporting Charitable Organisations: Our Sixth Form students are great ambassadors for various charity organisations; they always get involved with fundraising and raising people’s awareness about the different charities we as a school support. Students help organise different events, the selling of various charity items and encourage younger years to support around the school. 

Work Experience: All Year 12 students are expected to undertake a week’s work experience in order to gain experience and learn transferable skills which will support them in a wide manner of roles. This has been very successful in the past with students being offered extended placements and in some cases jobs alongside their studies or apprentice offers to commence after Year 13.

Duke of Edinburgh: Our Duke of Edinburgh scheme includes opportunities for students in Year 10 right through to Year 13 to broaden their skills and challenge themselves both mentally and physically to achieve success and receive an accreditation for their efforts.

Young Enterprise: Students in Year 12 are given the opportunity to enter the ‘Young Enterprise’ initiative through our business department. A number of keen entrepreneurs take up this opportunity and are given the chance to select, design and market a product for sale. Our most recent team, ‘Surge Enterprises’, made it through to a regional final.

Extended Project Qualification: We are currently working with our first two pilot cohorts of EPQ students and look forward to seeing what they produce at the end of the academic year. EPQ is an academic qualification which enables our Sixth Form students to study something outside of their chosen curriculum areas. It is a research based qualification which will support our students in university applications and will provide them with essential skills whilst at University.

Connexions and Careers:  We work closely with our connexions adviser in order to support our students in making the choices for their futures, and to ensure that no student leaves our school to become a ‘NEET’ whatever their circumstances or difficulties experienced at any point in their studies. All Year 13 students participate in a highly regarded careers day including a range of guests from business and industry working with students on interview and CV-writing skills.

Presentation and motivation coaching:  International business coach Bart Queen joined students in June 2017 for two days of workshops which coached students to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses and to be able to articulate their strengths in front of others more fluently and more articulately.  International motivational speaker Clinton Young joined students in September 2018 for a galvanising speech focusing on personal aspirations and how to achieve them.

Army team building day: the start of the autumn term features a whole Sixth Form activities and problem solving day led by soldiers from the British Army, linking to the school’s work on British Values

National Citizen Service: speakers from the local provider of National Citizen Service regularly visit the Sixth Form for assemblies and workshops, encouraging our students to get involved in local community programmes and undertake voluntary and self-development work.  In addition, successful students receive a certificate signed by the Prime Minister, and the whole programme links to the school’s work on British Values