Mis 088


High quality literacy skills are essential to the development of all students at the Misbourne. As a school we see the promotion of these standards and the teaching of literacy as the responsibility of every student as well as members of staff. Literacy includes the key skills of reading, writing and oral communication that enable students to access different areas of the curriculum. Whole school literacy is central to the performance and development of our students. 

To help focus on literacy at the Misbourne we have developed a number of different strategies. Curriculum areas have devised their own literacy resources to support and remind students about the basics, such as punctuation and they also help to strengthen students' writing with connectives and information on how to construct different sentences. This is a skill that students need to embed in every lesson, not just English lessons. What drives us forward in raising the profile of whole school literacy is ‘we are all teachers in English, therefore we are teachers of English.’  

The use of the ‘Misbourne School Proofreading Code’ (MSP Code for short) supports students with their proofreading in all subjects. Before a piece of work can be seen as complete, students are encouraged to develop their proofreading skills in variety of ways. Students have greater responsibility for proofreading and the quality of their work. 

A copy of the ‘MSP Code’ can be found here, as well as in classrooms. Subject teachers provide formative feedback to students when marking their work; within this, teachers highlight any spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors in the work. Students are then given dedicated time, during their lessons, to respond to formative feedback as well as correct their spelling, punctuation and grammar. Our students are encouraged to support one another with their literacy. 

Our school library is an excellent resource to support students with their reading, both reading fiction and non-fiction.