Class Reader

Our class reader programme introduces students to a wonderful range of literature drawn from many genres and representing diverse literary voices. We believe that reading should open new and exciting worlds to young people and our texts are specifically chosen to develop intellectual and cultural curiosity whilst also telling remarkable stories. Some of our texts have been requested by students or form tutors and we actively review our titles and encourage suggestions.  


What is class reader? 

Our students read together with their tutor group for fifteen minutes, four times per week, from 8:55-9:10. Form tutors or specially trained sixth-form students read aloud to tutor groups, each student has a copy of the text to read whilst listening.  


Why have we implemented class reader? 

We know that the more time students spend reading, the greater their academic outcomes are likely be. Nagy and Herman (1987) found that students who spent twenty minutes per day reading scored in the 90th percentile in standardised tests. We start the day by reading for fifteen minutes to give students the best possible chance of achieving this. 

Research has identified a close correlation between listening comprehension and reading comprehension (Bell and Perfetti, 1994). We focus on reading with expression (prosody) with a focus on intonation, stress, and rhythm to support students in developing greater reading fluency and a good understanding of the texts they are reading.  


Which texts have been selected? 

The texts selected for each year group can be seen on the bookshelves below. Students and form tutors are encouraged to discuss the texts that are available and to make requests accordingly. 

Year 7:

Year 7


Year 8:

Year 8

Year 9:

Year 9

Year 10:

Year 10

Year 11:

Year 11

Students in Year 11 read together for the first term before beginning their tutor time revision programme in the spring term. 

A full list of Class Reader texts is available here