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Careers Assemblies-Inspiring Minds

Posted on: 28 Nov 2019

Year 8 students were fortunate to attend an assembly led by a professional employed in the career arena they were most interested in.    This gave students the opportunity to find out more about the range of different jobs available in their chosen area as well as the type of qualifications that they would need in those roles.

Our Senior Student, John, created a questionnaire to find out what careers advice students would like to hear.  Based on the students’ responses he arranged five assemblies covering the top five career areas that Year 8 expressed an interest in; The NHS, media and entertainment, IT, engineering, and law.  Representatives from the identified career areas were invited into school to lead the assemblies and share their knowledge with our Year 8 students.

Misbourne Careers Lead, Helen Hill said “it’s great that we can act upon students’ specific careers interests.  We are so lucky to be able to draw on the support from our wonderful local business community.”